Creating Your First Page

Now that we have toured around Cascade, we will create our first page.

  1. In the Horizontal Navigation bar (blue bar, top), select New > csusm > Standard
    Your content window will be replaced with the New Page interface as seen below:
    New page interface
  2. Your page will need a name. Type "Test Page" in the 'Display Name' field. This is what will appear as the page name in your left navigation.
  3. Your page will also need a title. Type "Test Page" in the 'Title' field. The title is what appears in your browsers top title bar.

    For now, we will skip the theme image.
  4. In the 'Content' section, remove the text that is there and type "This is my first page".
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit".

You have created your first page.

The content window will now show your page as it will be seen once it goes live.