The following is an overview of the various menus and windows around Cascade

Folder List

Folders for your websites are listed on the left hand side of the window as shown below.

Open the Base Folder and csusm folder to see a list of your folders.

left folder

The folder pane on the left may be collapsed and not visible as shown below. To maximize (show) the folder list, click the triangle tab.

maximize folder list

To minimize the folder list, click the traingle tab again

Minimize folders

Horizontal Navigation bar (blue bar, top)

  • Cascade Icon:
    • Search - search your content
    • Publisher - see a list of active publisher jobs
    • Preferences -  set your user preferences
  • Home: opens a content area to the right of the Folder List that contains tabs for:
    • Dashboard - an overview of your Home resources
    • Workflows - are not implemented yet.
      If you publish content that needs approval before it is available online, you will use Workflows.
  • New- assets for creating pages, folder, files, etc for your site appear here
  • History - brings up a listing of pages and files you have recently visited in Cascade.
  • Tools
    • Zip Archive - allows you to upload a .zip archive of up to 10MB.
Quick links navigation bar (top right)
  • Quick Links - another method for navigating within Cascade
  • My Settings - user preferences
  • Give Us Feedback - this is to give feedback to Hannon Hill, creators fo Cascade and not to email the web group.
  • Help - help articles from Hannon Hill for how to use Cascade
  • Log out - log out of the system (Cascade will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity)

Content area

This is the area where you will create, edit, and publish your pages, folders and files.

Warning: If you are in the middle of creating or editing a folder or a page, and you click any of these items above before clicking the "Submit" button, your changes will be lost.