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Charges for Technology Refresh

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of scheduled refresh, computers will convert to the new billing schedule outlined below.  IITS will honor agreements under the previous billing schedules until refresh.  

General Fund Staff*      
(Eligible for Allocation)
 FY1718 One-time Charge
(new order request or at refresh)
Annual Support Charge
PC Desktop
n/a n/a
PC Laptop No Dock $180 n/a
PC Laptop + Dock + Monitor + Accessories $655 n/a
Mac Desktop $830 n/a
MacBook Air No Monitor* $275 n/a
MacBook Pro No Monitor* $1,390 n/a

Tenure-track faculty complements are covered under another program and department is not required to cover the upgraded configuration cost over the allocation as shown in the Table above.  

Self-support Units
Auxiliary Organizations
General Fund Non-staff Computers*
General Fund Additional Staff Computers*
 FY1718 One-time Charge
(new order request or at refresh)
Annual Support Charge
PC Desktop
$1,200 $300
PC Laptop No Dock $1,580 $300
PC Laptop + Dock + Monitor + Accessories $2,055 $300
Mac Desktop $2,230 $300
MacBook Air No Monitor* $1,675 $300
MacBook Pro No Monitor* $2,790 $300
Peripherals and Accessories FY 17/18 One-time Charge
Standard 24" PC Monitor $270
Ultrawide Curved 34" PC Monitor (special order item; compatible w/ Refresh 25 & above only) $747
PC Wired Mouse $25
PC Wired Keyboard $18
PC Speakers $17
PC Standard Docking Station (Refresh 27 Latitude) $151
Apple Wired Mouse $53
Apple Wired Keyboard $53
Apple Wireless Magic Mouse $86
Apple Wireless Keyboard $107
Apple Type C Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter (must sign acknowledgement for use) $53
Apple Power Cord Type C 87 Watt Power Supply $111

*General Fund computers not eligible for the hardware and support allocation from campus include: student assistant stations, general use stations, multiple user stations or any computer not assigned to a General Fund staff member.  Each General Fund staff member is eligible for one computer covered under the campus allocation.  Hardware and support for additional computers must be fully funded as outlined in Table 2.

Apple Displays:  Apple discontinued manufacturing displays in July of 2016 and there are no Mac-compatible displays new or used available at this time. The new MacBook Pro complements are not compatible with old Mac displays. Faculty and staff with existing displays may keep the display when refreshed until it no longer functions. Refresh 27 MacBook Pro users are required to sign an Apple Type C Special Configuration Acknowledgment if they wish to try to use an adapter for use with an existing display.

Vendor pricing for hardware is subject to change +/-3%.  Hardware pricing detail available for inspection upon request through TRP.  Desktop complements include monitor and accessories.

The annual support fee includes configuration and installation of a new system, campus software complement, a connection to an existing network jack or wireless AP and Help Desk support. 

Price update 9/27/17 to reflect final cost from vendors; these charges will be used for the annual technology billing (changes affected the Apple technology only, decrease of $100+ for Mac laptops, small increase for iMac)