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Technology Refresh Program

The IITS refresh program at Cal State San Marcos began in 1994 with support and funding provided by the top-level administration on campus. 

The refresh program ensures that computers used in teaching labs and by faculty and staff are upgraded on a consistent basis so that the campus can maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure, thereby enhancing student learning and maintaining efficient administrative functions.  This replacement program also helps to support a more stable and safer campus computing environment by allowing IITS to remain compatible with all of the most recent software, fixes, and security patches. 

Obtaining a Refresh Computer

Student labs are funded by the campus senior administration.  Academic Affairs provides computer complements for tenure-track faculty.  The campus provides one Campus Standard configuration for each staff position funded by the General Fund.  Department or college is responsible for the full incremental difference in hardware cost for models other than the Campus Standard.  Auxiliary Orgnaizations, Self-support Units, and Non-staff General Fund complements must be fully funded.  These units are required to include the cost of a refresh computer within their budget for the total cost of the employee when hiring.

The department or college is responsible for submitting a computer order at least two weeks in advance of the employee start date.  The campus uses Lenovo, Dell and Apple computers. 

Order a Refresh

Schedule a Refresh

Questions regarding the Technology Refresh Program can be directed to: