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Right to Use Program (RTU)

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The RTU Program will not be offered during FY 16/17.  IITS will not have inventory available to fulfill any RTU requests for home or on-campus use. 

There are two types of “RTU” systems -- Home Use RTUs with No Network (home use, one-time rental, on-campus, no network) and On-Campus RTUs with Network (on-campus only, with limited network use).


Each fall after campus computers on the refresh program have been upgraded, IITS has available to the campus community what we call a “Right to Use” (RTU) computer system. These computers are formatted and reloaded with Microsoft Office, web browser and virus protection.  Orders are fulfilled pending available stock for the system type requested (monitors are not available for PC or Mac laptops).  

As RTUs are still considered state-owned equipment, they cannot be purchased by an individual and must be returned if the individual is no longer employed by the campus. These computers may be used for up to four years and then need to be returned to IITS so they can be appropriately retired from state property.  Old RTU systems may be dropped off at the Faculty/Staff Help Desk in Kellogg Library.

On campus RTU computers using the campus network have a $350 annual charge so that proper networking and security can be maintained. RTU systems are appropriate for systems that do not require networked printing or single sign-on (password shared).  The computer may be replaced each year (or as needed) while user takes advantage of this program.  Please notify IITS by June 30 to return annual RTUs and retire charges for the next fiscal year.

Off-campus systems have a one-time charge of $350 and cannot be used on the campus network. These systems should be used for campus business and only incidental personal use. These computers are not supported in any way and have no virus protection. Off-campus RTUs have a 90 day return/warranty policy.  In the event of a failure after this period, RTUs must be replaced at full cost. The user is responsible for all data placed on a RTU and IITS will not recover any information on these systems.  Off-campus RTUs must be returned within four years.  

To request lecturer or student instruction systems, contact the Classroom Systems Support email

Forms are routed through DocuSign for digital signature.  The person initiating the form must provide authentication of their identity by entering the access code sent to their email.  Once the code is entered, the full agreement will open.  Questions may be directed to TRP.

Note to off-campus users:  As IITS is required to track all State computer assets, please provide your home address where the RTU will be kept the majority of the time, rather than your office location.  While you are responsible for proper use and return of your assisgned RTU system, funding agreements are between IITS and your department or college.  An individual with fiscal authority must approve the agreement and provide a valid chargeback number.  Checks cannot be accepted, however, if reimbursement to your department or college is requested, funds may be deposited via the Cashier's office.