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Box at CSUSM  

CSUSM is moving away from local campus storage drives (department shares and H: drive) to Box.    

What is Box (aka cloud storage)?  Box is a user-friendly, enterprise-level cloud-based storage service that provides a simple, secure way to store and share files and folders online.  Box consolidates your content into a single location, one that is easily accessible from anywhere, on any device.  You can create files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and continue to revise and review your content by using on-line comments, tasks, and discussions with all your collaborators.

Box at CSUSM - Overview 

Simple file management where you store and organize your documents, media, and other content on line;

Easy access to your content from anywhere, anytime, on any device;

Cloud storage of 50 gigabytes for all CSUSM faculty and staff; 

Secure online file sharing and collaboration with anyone 

Box at CSUSM  - Basic Training Information - 

OVERVIEW - Getting Started with Box at CSUSM

INTRODUCTION - Using Box for Your Files

INSTALLING BOX EDIT - First Step to Editing in Box

SHARING - Preparing your Files and Folders

WATERFALL PERMISSIONS - Inviting Collaborators


OTHER APPLICATIONS - Using Box on a Mobile Device 

                                  - Keyboard Shortcuts for Box