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Definition of terms

Descriptions of selected variables used in the Student Profile

College: College housing student's declared major.

Ethnic/Race categories: Data are presented in grouped form as follows:
African American - African American
Asian - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Asian Indian, Other Asian, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, Other Southeast Asian
Filipino & Pacific Islander - Guamanian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Filipino, Other Pacific Islander
Latino - Mexican American, Central American, South American, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Other Latino, Spanish origin, Hispanic
Native American - American Indian or Alaskan Native
White - White
Other or unknown - Other, no response or decline to state
Non-resident alien - All nonresident students holding a student or undetermined visa.

First-time freshman: a new student who has not previously matriculated at a college or university after graduation from high school.

GPA: The quotient of total grade points and total units attempted for a letter grade.

Headcount: Number of enrolled students.

Level: The current academic level of the student.
Freshman - 0.0 to 29.9 units
Sophomore - 30.0 to 59.9 units
Junior - 60.0 to 89.9 units
Senior - 90 or more units
Postbaccalaureate - holding a baccalaureate or equivalent degree

Residence at Entry: Presented for new students only, this variable is based on the high school of graduation (for first time freshmen), the institution at which the student earned the greatest number of units (transfer students), or the college from which their degree was awarded (graduate students).

Second Baccalaureate students: Students pursuing a second Bachelor's degree. When noted, they are counted as undergraduate students.

Transfer student: A new student who has previously enrolled in an institution of higher education.