University-wide Survey Committee

The goals of the University-wide Survey Committee are to:

    1) Coordinate the administration of surveys to minimize overlap and duplication by maintaining a survey calendar.

    2) Provide support for survey development, administration and analysis.

    3) Insure that the information being sought is not already available in another form.

Initiators of university-wide surveys of CSUSM faculty, staff or students must complete a Survey Proposal form and send it to the University-wide Survey Committee c/o Institutional Planning & Analysis for review.

Please note: It is not necessary to submit a proposal form to the University-wide Survey Committee in order to conduct the following:

    1) Surveys under the purview of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    2) Surveys that are part of a class assignment

    3) Surveys involving personnel within the initiator’s immediate department

The responsibilities of the Survey Committee are covered under University-wide Survey Policy and Procedures.

Institutional Planning & Analysis
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