Research and Labs

There is a vibrant research program in our department. Students and faculty work side-by-side on many hypothesis-driven projects for classes and on faculty funded grants. Many of our students present their class research projects at local and regional conferences. Our students are competitive each year in our campus Undergraduate Research Competition. For the last four years, a KINE student has won locally and been selected to present at the statewide competition!

Read the story and watch the video in the UT San Diego about our surf research.

See Ross Edmunds' and David McMillan's work from the 2013 Undergraduate Research Competition!

Watch a video describing research in the biomechanics lab.

View the list of our major equipment or below for more information about each faculty member's lab and research agenda:

Nicole Rushford

Vice-President Gerardo Gonzalez and Nicole Rushford, Undergrad Research Competition winner, 2009


Students in the Human Performance Lab


Student research project on bone density


Students using the isokinetic dynammometer