Kinesiology Labs

We are a collaborative faculty who work with each other and others on campus. Our dedicated Kinesiology labs serve multiple uses, including student lab activities and faculty and student research. Beginning Spring 2012 our labs will be expanding! The Exercise Physiology Lab will be housed in 1600 square feet in University Hall 360 and Biomechanics and Motor Control will be in 1400 square feet in ACD 113-115.

Exercise Physiology/Bone Research equipment includes:

  • Lunar Prodigy Advance Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometer
  • Parvomedics metabolic cart
  • Velotron Dynafit Pro electronic bicycle ergometers (2)
  • Physioflow hemodynamic monitor
  • Burdick 12-lead stress testing system
  • Monark Wingate Peak bicycle ergometer
  • Portable PFT system
  • Biodex system 3 isokinetic dynamometer
  • Vertec vertical jump measuring device
Biomechanics/Motor Control equipment includes:
  • Vicon 8-camera MX motion capture system
  • Vicon 4-camera Bonita system
  • Clevemed KinetiSense wireless inertial motion capture system
  • Neurocom Balancemaster long force platform
  • 2 Bertec force platforms
  • Kistler portable force platform
  • Noraxon EMG system
  • 2 Brainmaster EEG systems
  • Lafayette moaRT reaction, movement timers, and others
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