Cynthia Chavez-Metoyer

Faculty Role Model 2012

 Cynthia Chavez Metoyer

Dr. Chavez Metoyer joined the faculty at California State University San Marcos in 1994. She was attracted to the University's mission to respond to the needs of a student body with diverse backgrounds and expand student access to an excellent and affordable education. Dr. Chavez Metoyer earned a Ph.D. in Political Science and History, with an emphasis in Public Policy from Northern Arizona University (1994). Dr. Chavez Metoyer’s teaching interests include Latin American Politics, International Relations, and Gender and Development; she has been nominated for the Harry Brakebill  Award. Her research addresses political and economic development in Nicaragua. Dr. Chavez Metoyer’s, Women and the State in Post-Sandinista Nicaragua, (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000). The book basically deals with the impact of economic restructuring on women in Nicaragua. Dr. Chavez Metoyer also co-authored, Women Legislators in Central America, published by University of Texas Press (2008), which offers a detailed study of the unprecedented rise of women in Central American politics during the 1980s.  Dr. Chavez Metoyer other publications include journal articles, book chapters, and book review essays.  Dr. Chavez Metoyer has made frequent research trips to Nicaragua over the last eighteen years, the most notable includes serving as an international observer for Nicaragua’s 1996, 2001, and 2006 presidential elections, and participating in a humanitarian relief project following Hurricane Mitch in 1999. Dr. Chavez Metoyer’s other professional travels include Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel, Japan, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dr. Chavez Metoyer has served in a number of leadership capacities since her arrival to campus, including President of Latino Association of Faculty and Staff, Academic Senator, Department Chair of Political Science, and Interim Program Coordinator of Women’s Studies.  Dr. Chavez Metoyer spearheaded the campus project to honor César E. Chávez with a statue and plaza, and more recently served as chair of the Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) Taskforce III, during which time CSUSM applied and received HSI designation.  A firm believer that positive mentoring is foundational to success, Dr. Chavez Metoyer has served as a Faculty Mentor since her arrival on campus.

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