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Long-Range Academic Master Plan (LAMP)

The Long-Range Academic Master Plan Task Force (LAMP) will not be meeting on a regular basis during AY 2015/2016 and AY 2016/2017. View the work of the 2014/2015 LAMP Task Force.

The LAMP task force has been established by the Provost, in consultation with the Academic Senate, for the purpose of drafting a Long-range Academic Master Plan (LAMP) to guide CSUSM's curricular and program development into the near future (the next three to five years), as well as over the longer term, and potentially as far out as ten years.

The LAMP task force will use information from the College academic master planning and strategic planning processes, as well as unit three-year rolling plans, and regional economic and employment data, to examine and prioritize proposals for new degree programs, options, minors, and certificates, from across all of CSUSM's colleges. LAMP will make recommendations regarding the timelines for implementing new programs and provide perspective on resource implications.

In considering program proposals and making its recommendations, LAMP will take into account, among other things, the following considerations:

  • CSUSM's unique mission, vision and values
  • State and regional needs (including but not limited to economic trends)
  • Likely student demand
  • Pedagogical considerations
  • Potential collaborations with community partners and other campuses
  • Collaborations among the CSUSM's colleges
  • Resource implications