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Liberal Studies

 The Department of Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary unit of faculty who are dedicated to student-centered teaching in the areas of K-8 education, geography, and linguistics, and who are internationally recognized for our involvement in community-based research across four continents. Our research covers many areas including language acquisition and documentation, linguistics in K-12 education, human-environment interactions, land use planning, wine and beer production in California, the social context of health, science education and policy, and the role of children in shaping their environment. We are always happy to talk to students and discuss our research, courses, programs, and career options, so come meet us!

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Faculty Opportunities:

The Liberal Studies is excited to announce that we are in search of an Assistant Professor in Environmental Geography.  Please visit our Faculty Opportunities page to view details and application information.

Geography's GIS Day 

How are CSUSM Students using GIS and where can I learn more?

Come see the student showcases to learn more about courses that utilize GIS. An introductory GIS course is offered Fall 2018. Look for GEOG 120!

April 10th - GIS Solutions in Local Government: City of San Marcos

  • Speaker: Alex Sainz, GIS Analyst, City of San Marcos
  • Time: U-hour
  • Location: SBSB 1108

April 12th - Our Linguistic Landscape: Documenting Spanish Language Signs in North COunty San Diego to Understand Local Language Maintenance and Vitality

  • Speaker: Dr. Michelle Ramos Pellicia, CSUSM Modern Languages Department
  • Time: U-hour
  • Location: SBSB 1108

In the News:

  • Prof. Jule Gomez de Garcia (Liberal Studies) and Prof. Michael Hughes (Modern Language Studies) directed a group of CSUSM students in linguistic fieldwork in Guatemala. Linguists in Guatemala Story.
  • Prof. Jocelyn Ahlers works with Native California communities who are striving to document and revitalize their languages of heritage.  Native California Communities Story.
  • Prof. Greig Guthey featured in San Diego Magazine: The Garden is His Classroom. Congratulations!
  • Prof. Greig Guthey's Living Laboratory featured on Edible San Diego . Congratulations!
Dr. Greig Guthey in the garden

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