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Welcome to Geography!

Name a topic of interest and there  is very likely a geographer considering it, which means geography just might be for you!  Cultural geographers focus on social and cultural change, economic georaphers explore economic development and change, globalization, and the labor process, Physical geographers may study soils, climate, and biogeography among many other subjects.  Whatever their focus, geographers are interested in the patterns of change and use their skills in geospatial thinking to analyze their data.

Currently students seeking to study geography at CSUSM have two options.  The first is to minor in geography; each semester there are a range of exciting courses to choose from.  One of the most recent changes is the redesign of Geography 460: Food Systems and Emerging Markets, which now includes active farming on the campus called the Food Project.

For those students pursuing a liberal studies degreee, there is also the option of completing a depth of study in geography, an interesting option for students interested in K-8 teaching because they may have to teach geography once they become professional teachers.

We are always happy to talk to students and discuss courses, programs, and career options. Stop by the Liberal Studies office for a chat.

To find out more about the discipline of geography, you can visit the website of the American Association of Geographers (aka, the AAG) and check out the newsletter at right which is published weekly and features news about geographic research, activities, and events important to georgaphers.

Photo of the growing boxes at the campus farm

Cover of Book California Cuisine and Just Food
Reception for Dr. Greig Guthey's new book from M.I.T. Press
April 30, 2013, 3-5 p.m.  CHABBS Dean's Office, SBSB, 4th Floor