Instructor Resources

Your Students Visiting the LLC:

~2 forms: Extra Credit and Required Visits 

~You choose how students earn points and number of visits.

~Extra credit = up to 14 visits/semester, up to 1/week.

~Required visits = up to 3 visits/semester, up to 1/month in Feb., March & April.

~Each visit = 45 minutes.

~B+ and lower = for these forms. (Any student is welcome of their own desire!)

~Want to do a different plan? Contact Director Hilary Taylor

Open Hours, Tutor Schedule and Contact Info (PDF)

Test Proctoring Form

Basic Excel List of LLC Media

LLC Online Media Library 

Student Resources Page 

Plazas Spanish Transparencies (If you would like the LLC to print items in black and white, just email with a few days' notice.)