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Modern Language Studies Instructors:

Student Resources Page has information that may be useful to you as well.

Open Hours, Tutor Schedule and Contact Info (PDF)

Student Visit Form & Guidelines:

  • If an instructor chooses to incorporate required visits (as part of the class), please cap those at no more than 1 per month, for 3 total.  **PLEASE INFORM THE DIRECTOR IF YOU ARE DOING THIS, SO SHE CAN ALERT THE FRONT DESK ASSISTANTS!*
  • For extra credit, the LLC can accommodate about 10 visits per student per semester. PLEASE set regular deadlines to spread the visits out. The front desk does NOT need to know about this ahead of time.
  • You are welcome to provide extra credit or grade bumps for students who receive a C+ or lower on a specific test/quiz. We regretfully cannot accommodate students who receive a B- or higher on a specific test/quiz for this particular service.
  • We regretfully CANNOT accept required or extra credit visits during the last week of classes. 
  • Note that we CAN see students in the evenings. All they have to do is contact the Director to make special arrangements at .
  • Note that we are not open on Fridays. 

Test Proctoring Form

Basic Excel List of LLC Media

LLC Online Media Library 

Kellogg Media Library (which includes LLC Media)

Plazas Spanish Transparencies: These are free! If you have a color toner printer, you can use that with transparency paper. If you would like the LLC to print the pages in black and white, feel free to email with a few days' notice, to make sure we have the paper available. Kinko's can also print the pages inexpensively and in color.

Other Instructors:

Academic English Support for Bilingual and Heritage Students (Flyer)

Writing Center vs. Language Learning Center for English Writing Support

English Tutor & Partner Schedules