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Instructor Resources

Assistance for Modern Language Studies Instructors

Test Proctoring Form
     Class Visits by Tutors (for quick announcements or longer activities)

Spanish Transparencies for "Plazas"
     (If you would like the LLC to print items in B&W for you, email with a few days' notice.)

Audio Files & Tech Support


Services & Activities

Extra Credit & Required Visits
     We regret that these services are not eligible for extra credit nor required visits, as space is limited.
     Group Activities and Moving Watching ARE eligible for extra credit, should you choose to offer that.

Academic English (Orating, Reading and Listening) Assistance for All Instructors

What is "Academic English"?

The “academic” version of any language, including English, is not natural or native for most people. It takes time and patience to acquire, and this happens throughout a student’s school years, including in college and beyond. The CSUSM Language Learning Center and Writing Center help all students on campus gain greater fluency and comfort in this “unnatural” variety of English that is crucially important for success in college and in many professions. We recommend that students make a commitment to ongoing visits. Visits can be as weekly or biweekly appointments and/or attending workshops we offer each term.


3 Ingredients of Great Group Presentations: From Lame Group to Dyamic Team: 
       -Handout for Students
       -Group Practice Sessions via Appointment
       -20-minute In-Cass Presentation. Contact Ms. Kseniya Gregory to arrange a visit.

Special Faculty Center Workshop:
        -"Generation 1.5: Characteristics and Needs", 12-12:45, Thursday, October 20

Reference Book & Audio CDs to Borrow:
       -Learn to Listen Listen to Learn: Academic Listening and Note-Taking


Workshops (We will report attendance to you!)

Writing Assistance: Housed in the Writing Center