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Computer/Technical FAQs

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General Use FAQs

Q. When are you open?
A. Our hours for the current semester are posted on our home page in the right hand column.

Q. I'm not currently enrolled in a language courses here at CSUSM. Can I still use the LLC?
A. Yes!

Q. Does the Language Learning Center offer tutoring?
A. Yes! Tutoring is free in all languages taught on campus. Our tutoring guide lines are posted on our tutoring page.

Q. When are the tutors available?
A. Tutoring hours can be found by using our online tutoring scheduling system.

Q. What are the rules to get tutoring?
A. Please see our tutoring guidelines page.

Q. How do I sign in and out?
A. Sign in at the front desk when you come in an out. You'll need your Student ID number which can be found on your CSUSM Student ID card.

Q. Can I eat/drink here?
A. Yes, with drinks in covered containers and no messy foods.

Q. Is this a 'quiet' lab?
A. Yes, for study, testing, and working with a tutor.

Q. Are cell phones allowed in the LLC?
A. No.

Q. What are your resouces?
A. Our resource library has current textbooks & workbooks, dictionaries, thesauri, grammar books, magazine subscriptions, music, comics, culture, and special language software to record your voice or learn a language - and of course lots of movies!

Q. Can I print here?
A. No, you'll have to go upstairs to the 2nd floor of Kellogg Library.

Q. Where do I get a print card?
A. You can get one at the print stations found throughout Kellogg Library.

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Computer/Technical FAQs

Q. Where can I get a Username/Password to logon to the computers?

A. The student help desk, on the second floor of the Kellogg Library.

Q. Can I type documents in a foreign language?
A. Absolutely! Information is on our Student Resources page.

Q. What's an IME?
A. IME is an acronym for Input Method Editor. It is a means for inputting foreign languages for use in several Windows applications. You can learn more about using the IME on our Student Resources page.

Q. Is there spell checking for foreign languages?
A. Yes, for the Spanish, German, and French. There is also a grammar-check, but this will only correct minor grammatical errors.

Q. How do I listen to the audio for my textbook/workbook?

A. We have the audio for select textbooks and workbooks on our audio website. However, in order to access the website, you will need a special username and password that will be provided to your by your language course instructor. For language courses that are using the iLrn or QUIA textbook packages, you can access the audio through your iLrn or QUIA account.

Q. Why can't I hear anything on this computer workstation?
A. There can be several reasons for not being able to hear anything from the PC.
        -Check your headphones.
        -Check the volume control on the headphone wire. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the volume.
        -Check the computer's volume control. Double-click the icon that resembles a speaker on the lower-right hand side of your screen. Make sure it's note on "mute".
        -Check the volume on the Media Player application itself. There should be a volume control located on the Media Player itself.  Make sure it's not on "mute".

Q. Something's wrong with this computer. I need help!
A. Please feel free to speak to the Language Learning Center staff with any questions or concerns you may have. We're here to help!

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iLrn FAQs

FIRST: Make sure you have purchased the ILRN version of your textbook, and not QUIA - they are two different programs requiring two different logins.

THEN: Make sure your purchase matches the program your instructor is using. If not, exchange your textbook at the bookstore.

For all questions regarding iLrn, visit the iLrn website. There you will find up-to-date student guides and a Frequently Asked Question section that covers many of the commonly asked questions students have about the iLrn system.

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