• ALL CSUSM students may get tutored (even if not taking a class).
  • Tutoring is by appointment OR just come in. See schedules.
  • Sessions are 30 min, or hit the back browser to get a 2nd (for a total 1 hour).
  • You can book 7 appointments ahead (once you are seen, book another!).
  • You will lose your appointment slot if more than 5 min late.
  • You will be blocked if you are a no-show for 2 appointments, until talk to LLC.
  • Do as much on your own as you can & come with SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.
  • Tutoring is different than teaching: go over your work ahead of time.
  • Tutors help with homework, test/quiz review, clarity in writing & pronunciation.
  • Tutors will not proofread, edit, translate, nor do your work for you.
  • Try your best, be patient - and we will do our best to help you succeed!

To see schedules, click HERE.