Art: Artists

Art: Louvre Museum
Here is Paris’ giant, overwhelming art museum which contains countless masterpieces. Check it out online.

Art: Musée d’Orsay
This is one of Paris’ biggest and most interesting art museums, specializing in art from about 1850 through the early 20th century – impressionism, fauvism, cubism, etc.

Comics: Astérix Le Gaulois
All you ever wanted in your thirst for French comics. Astérix at his best.

Cuisine: French Cuisine & Food Dictionaries

Culture: Afrique Francophone

Culture: Civilisation Française
Pedagogical activities on a wide variety of topics in French civilization.

Culture: Famous French People

Culture: France

Culture: Francophone Canada

Culture: Francophone World

Culture: General

Culture: La France pittoresque
Loaded with cultural and historic information on the villages and lifestyles in France.

Culture: Ministry of National Education
Information about France's current system of national education, from elementary school to university.

Culture: Paris Monuments, Landmarks, Sightseeing

Culture and History

Culture & Travel Information: French & Francophone

History: French Historic Sites
Explore different regions of France to discover historic sites and learn when and how to visit!

Language: History of the French Language



Literature: 19th-Century Women Poets

Literature: Memorable Quotation

Politics: Agence de la Francophonie

Politics: Embassy of France in the US - France's Cultural Action

Politics: Embassy of France, Washington, D.C.
The French Embassy in the United States.

Politics: French Embassy
Information about art, education,people and music.

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Currency Converter
Offers interactive foreign exchange rate conversion with up-to-date exchange rates.

Currency: Oanda
Calculates current exchange rate for currencies worldwide.

Time Zone Converter
Convert time zones anywhere in the world with the most up-to-date time zone database.

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English-French Dictionary

Engish-French Dictionary: WordReference
French-English dictionary returns full definitions of words, multiple definitions when words have multiple meanings and phrases and expressions using the word.

French Audio Dictionary

French Picture Dictionary

General: Online dictionaries in Many Languages

General: Dictionnaires
This collection of nearly 1000 electronic French dictionaries, glossaries and wordlists.

General: Glossaries by Language

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An introduction to the formation and placement of French adjectives.

Adjectives: Describing people

An introduction to French adverbs.

A summary of the different types of agreement with links to detailed lessons on each grammatical point.

Comparatives and Superlatives


Learn about French joining words with this introductory lesson.

Conjugations: Le Devoir conjugal
Find the conjugation of more than 7000 French verbs with "Le Devoir conjugal".

Conjugations: Future Tense - Le Futur
The future is one of the simplest French tenses.

Conjugatiosns: More Than 8000 Verbs

Conjugations: Overview

Conjugations: Présent

Conjugations: U. Texas

Conjugations: Verbix Conjugator

Gender: Masculin ou Féminin?
By learning certain word endings, you can correctly indentify the gender of 75% of French nouns with almost 95% accuracy.

General: BBC Education - French
Brief online lessons with RealAudio and video content; covers topics of daily life, leisure, and travel.

General: Speak7: Learn French

Grammar - BBC Talk French


Grammar from University of Texas at Austin

A comprehensive survey of French grammar.

Grammar: Central

Grammar: Descriptive Language

Grammar: Frenchvita

Grammar: Glossary

Grammar: Links/Language Guide

Grammar: Online Quiz

"It is": "C'est vs. Il est"

Letters: French Vowels 

Letters: Silent Letters

Practice: Interactive French Exercises (Univ. of Texas)

Pronouns: All About

Pronouns: Stressed/Disjunctive Pronouns
Stressed pronouns (les pronoms disjoints) are used to emphasize a noun or pronoun that refers to a person.

The sounds of French, briefly explained (on one page), with examples, and accompanied by sound files.

Questions: How to Ask

Word Order

Word Order: Imperatives
Learn all about French word order in an affirmative or negative imperative structure.

Writing: Business Letters

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Expressions,Clichés and Proverbs
Learn more ways to express yourself with this growing list of French expressions, proverbs, and clichés.

Expressions: Common Ones

Expressions: French Dictionary of Expressions ...

Expressions and Idioms


A dictionary of French idioms and colloquialisms with English translations and explanations.

Living Language 


Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions 

French Greetings, French Survival Phrases, French Phrases, Expressions, French Conversation, Idioms, French words.

Phrases: English - French Useful Phrases

Phrases: Internationally used French phrases
French words and expressions used in English and the other foreign languages...

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ABYZ News Links

Another excellent site with audio and text.


Magazines: Libération

News (Audio/Video)


Newspapers Online
This site contains an extensive list of newspapers from all over the world.

Newspapers: The Flying Inkpot's World News Links
Major International Newspapers

Radio France
The state broadcaster includes such stations as France Inter, France Info, Radio Bleu, and FIP.

Radio France Internationale (RFI)
You can listen to Radio France Internationale (RFI) on the Internet.

Radio: Mike's Radio World
Listen live to over 2000 radio stations on your PC! 

Radio Stations
French and Francophone Radio Stations.

Radio Stations Streaming Live
A comprehensive list of French radio stations streaming live on the internet.

Radio Stations Live - Listen Online
Listen to over 3000 Radio Stations.

Radio: World Radio Network

Radio & TV

Radio & TV: Web Resources for French Television and Radio

TV: BeelineTV
Network TV from around the world in a variety of languages. 138 stations available.

TV: France 2
Internet site for the TV channel, providing news and information online. 

TV: Télévision française 1

TV: TV5 - Le monde en Français

TV: wwiTV: World Wide Internet Television
A huge compilation of web broadcasted video and audio from around the world.

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Yahoo! France
The Yahoo! of the francophone world.

Bonweb.COM; Droit aux meilleurs sites



International Directory


International search engines and foreign search engines

Search Engine Colossus
International collection of Internet Search Engine organized by country.


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Citations; MLA Guidelines

How To Study:Resources & Ideas
Tons of ideas and tips!

Learning Styles & Study Suggestions
This Study Resources Directory has topics on critical thinking skills, learning styles, managing time, motivation, self-discipline, study skills, classroom strategies, and writing.

Study Guides and Strategies
This website has several resources for preparing, learning, studying, classroom participation, tests, and time management

Time Management Assistance
This site helps you develop a schedule, plan ahead, and set priorities.

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Acquiring French Vocabulary
Advanced French Vocabulary Lessons

Bonjour de France
Lessons are written entirely in the French language.

Building Vocabulary
LinguaCentral Language Resources

Business Vocabulary

Chez Mimi
Flash games in French to teach vocabulary.

Common French Words

Common Words

Current Little French Words

Educational Quizzes

English-French Quizzes
JavaScript Interactive multiple-choice quizzes for studying French and English vocabulary.

Le Français Cool

Illustrated in French

Language Guide français
Useful tools for language study including vocabulary, grammar and reading.

Learning Vocabulary

Basic vocabulary and practice exercises on numbers, the family, parts of the body and other topics for beginning learners of French.

Medical Vocabulary

Numbers & Counting
French phrases (Numbers & Counting).


Quia! French
Quia! French This site offers useful online activities for studying French vocabulary.

Work on your French vocab here

Vocabulary & Pronuncation
French vocabulary and pronunciation for beginners.

Tongue Twisters

Words and Phrases

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