19th-century German Stories

Talk German

Cuisine: Travels Through Germany - German Food
Welcome to the all new dynamic Travels Through Germany!

Cuisine: German Cooking Glossary - German to English - Kochglossar - Recipe ...
A German-English glossary of cooking terms related to our collection of recipes in German and English.

Cuisine: German-English Menu & Dining Guide - Food & Drink Glossary
An annotated glossary of food and dining-related words and expressions in German and English: Menu - Speisekarte.

German Language Tips

Famous Germans Austrians Swiss - The German Way

German Culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Germany - German Culture, Customs and Business Etiquette
Guide to German culture, society ,language, etiquette, customs, manners and protocol.

German Culture Site/Rich!


History of German Language/ALS Intl

Literature: German Literature

Literature: German Studies Web - Literature Resources
This is the major bibliography for German language and literature. ... Excellent site for German exile literature. International Dada Archive (University of Iowa) ...

Museums and Galleries in Berlin - Wikipedia

Travel: Guide to Germany - Open World
Visitors guide covers hotels in major cities throughout Germany. View city maps and get current weather information.

Travel: Germany Travel Guide by German Places

Travel.Org for Germany 

Travels Through Germany

World Heritage Sites - Germany

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Currency Converter
Offers interactive foreign exchange rate conversion with up-to-date exchange rates.

Currency: Oanda
Calculates current exchange rate for currencies worldwide.

Time Zone Converter
Convert time zones anywhere in the world with the most up-to-date time zone database.

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Business German | English-German Glossary
German business vocabulary and information online¿in English and German.

Exeter Beginners' German - Glossary

German Thesaurus (Deutsche Synonyme)

German<->English Dictionary
Simple bilingual dictionary based on a wordlist of about 130,000 entries.

German Grammar Glossary
German grammar terms defined in plain English! Having trouble distinguishing an adjective from an adverb in German? Don't know what ¿subjunctive¿ or ¿Konjunktiv¿ mean? Can't identify a preposition? Our German Grammar Glossary can help.

Glossaries by Language

The Internet Picture Dictionary: German

Odge (Online Dictionary German-English)

Online dictionaries in many languages

Phrases/Expressions: Useful Travel Phrases

PONS Dictionary
[German/English]: Useful for beginning and advanced users.

German-English and English-German on-line dictionary. Access to a downloadable version with exercises and word games.

Your German Dictionaries

[German]: Information about words and their usage. Useful for advanced learners.

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Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs
Use of prefixes and suffixes to create adjectives and adverbs.

Animated Grammar
Powerpoint presentations

German Grammar via Asterix

BBC - Languages - German

BBC Education - German

Beginners: German for Beginners
[English]: Basic online course from
[German/English]: Searchable database inflects words (e.g. case endings, verb conjugations for all tenses, etc.)

Cases: Acc., Dat., Gen., Nom.

Combining Words
noun + noun, adjective + noun, Verb + noun, [adverb, preposition, or particle] + noun, noun + adjectives, adjective + adjective

Deutsch: Na klar!
Has companion on-line exercises for the grammar, vocabulary and culture materials presented in the 5th edition.

Exercises: Grammatik - Komparativ
Diagnostic and Practice Exercises in German on comparisons and the superlative.

German Exercises
German nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, articles...

German Grammar
Internet Handbook of German Grammar

German Grammar
Explanations of German Grammar.

German Grammar by Topic - Grammatik
German grammar references, articles, and resources at this site - by topic.

German/Grammar/Verbs - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
German verbs can be classified as weak or as strong. Weak verbs are very regular in their forms, whereas strong verbs change the stem vowel. 

German Grammar (Wikipedia)
This page will attempt to outline the grammar of German.

German Grammar - Word Grammar

German Grammar, Deutsche Grammatik
German Grammar Powerpoint presentation ... Need a little extra help understanding German grammar?

German - Deutsch
German phrases, words, and grammar for the beginner.

German Grammar Explained

German Grammar on the Web
Contains reference and exercise pages on a variety of German grammar points.

German Grammar Roadmap
Case is very important and gives German flexibility in word order that English doesn't have.

Grammar: The four cases explained.
The nominative (subject), the accusative (direct object), the dative (indirect object), and the genitive (possessive).

Grammatik (grammar)/Inhaltsverzeichnis

Learn German Easily
Website put together by Lucas Kern to help people learn German. Contains a multitude of sections explaining grammar points along with audio-based lessons.

LearnPlus German Grammar Guide Index
A simple explanation of German grammar rules by LearnPlus

Pronunciation: A Guide to German Pronunciation
The Guide to German Pronunciation offers a concise explanation of the different sounds one will encounter in a German-speaking country. Numerous sound files allow the user to distinguish between similar pairs of words and to overcome the errors most commonly made by English speakers.

SmartPhrase for German

Formation of verbs from simple words, nouns, use of prefixes and suffixes, etc.

Verbs: Konjugator für deutsche Verben
Online conjugation of any verb. 

Verbs: Verbix -- Germanic languages: conjugate German verbs

Word Order in German - Part 1 German Syntax
A guide to word order in German sentences. Part One. ... In many cases, German word order is identical to English.

Word Order in German (2) - Subordinate Clauses
A guide to word order in German sentences. Part Two - subordinate clauses. ... Your German should reflect the word order rules outlined on this page!

Word Order More Word Order - Syntax

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English Sayings and Idioms in German

German-English Idioms Glossary

German Proverbs - Wikipedia
Over 30 proverbs with the English equivalent or a literal translation.

German Tongue Twisters
Collection of German tongue twisters

Idiomatic Expressions

Living Language

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ABYZ News Links

Network TV from around the world in a variety of languages. 138 stations available.

Central European Radio Stations

Die Tageszeitung
Daily newspaper from Germany. 

Daily newspaper in German covering world news, economy, etc.

Fritz-Innovatives Radio aus Berlin/Brandenberg

German Internet Radio - Listen to German online radio news and ...
Listen to German online radio news and information and practice your German!

German News 

German Newspapers and Magazines

German Radio and Television
Listen to Germany and watch it -- here you will find links to German radio stations and TV programs.

German Radio Stations
An annotated list of available German-language streaming radio broadcasts.

Intermediate | Deutsche Welle

Live German Language TV Stations 

Live Radio Stations from Germany
Huge selection of radio stations in Germany you can listen to live from your computer.

Mike's Radio World
Listen live to over 2000 radio stations on your PC!

N-TV is an independent German news station role-modelled after American/International news channels.

News: The Flying Inkpot's World News Links

Newspapers in Germany
Major International Newspapers

Online Newspapers
This site contains an extensive list of newspapers from all over the world.

Radio Goethe

"Tagesschau" has been Germany's number one news show for many years now.

World Radio Network


wwiTV: World Wide Internet Television
A huge compilation of web broadcasted video and audio from around the world.

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German Engines for German Language
German Engines for German Language

International Search Engines and foreign search engines

International Search Engine Directory

List of German Search Engines

Lycos Deutschland

MSN Germany
MSN Germany's Web site.

Search Engine Colossus
International collection of Internet Search Engine organized by country. 

Search Engines
Search engines, Deutschland, Österreich, Graz. German culture: German Language Search Engines

Search Engines Directory

Search Engines I

Yahoo! Deutschland
Yahoo! Deutschland

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Citations; MLA Guidelines

How To Study:Resources & Ideas
Tons of ideas and tips!

Learning Styles & Study Suggestions
This Study Resources Directory has topics on critical thinking skills, learning styles, managing time, motivation, self-discipline, study skills, classroom strategies, and writing.

Study Guides and Strategies
This website has several resources for preparing, learning, studying, classroom participation, tests, and time management

Time Management Assistance
This site helps you develop a schedule, plan ahead, and set priorities.

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Deutsch: Vokabelführer | German: Vocabulary Guide
Deutsch: Vokabelführer | German: Vocabulary Guide

Exercises: German Language Web Exercises
This site presents German Language Web Exercises, Vocabulary Builders, Mazes, Games, and other resources for Interactive Online Learning.

English-German Vocabulary Quizzes
JavaScript Interactive multiple-choice quizzes for studying German and English vocabulary. ... English-German Vocabulary Quizzes. Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary

German Index
It is designed to improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension, as well as your cultural understanding of the German-speaking world. ...

Talk German
Choose from a variety of topics with audio, video and quizzes to support your learning.

Verb Conjugator
Find the conjugation of common German verbs.

Verb Guide - Conjugating German Verbs - German Tenses
An introduction to the present tense of German regular verbs. Compares English and German verb endings and leads to a more detailed study of the present ...

Verbs: German Verb Buster Index
This section is designed to give rigorous practice of verbs. Each unit will consist of 3 pages in a cycle.

Verbs: German Verbs - Conjugation - Alphabetical List - Conjugating German Verbs
An alphabetical list of common German verbs - with English meanings and links to conjugated forms. 

Verbs: German Verbs - Information from
German verbs German grammar Nouns Verbs Articles Adjectives Pronouns Adverbial phrases Conjugation

Verb Table - University of Exeter
German Verb Table, compiled for student use by the German Department of the University of Exeter.

Verbs: Verbix
Conjugate German verbs

Vocab: Build Your German Vocabulary Here

Prepositions. Verbs. GERMAN VOCABULARY ... Why Know German Vocabulary ... widely diverse cultural, political, and economic traditions.

Vocabulary: English-German Glossaries - Deutsch-Englische Lexika ...
German glossaries, dictionaries, almanacs and vocabulary by topic. 


Free online vocabulary exercises, verb tutorial and audio pronunciation samples. 

Word List: German Word Frequency - Top 1000 German Words Part 1
The top thousand words most likely to be encountered in an average German text.

YouTube - Learn German - Vocabulary: Numbers

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