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Japanese Web Resources


Cuisine: The Tokyo Food Page

Culture: Basics of Japanese Culture
The Japanese culture is a multi-layered and complex system that has been developing within itself and forming new layers for thousands of years.

Japan Links
Comprehensive collection of Japan links covering culture, history, society,economy, arts, and religion.

Japanese Friendship Garden
Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego was founded during the 1915 World Exposition.

Literature: Haiku for People
Learn not only what haiku is but also about its political influence and its development through the years. Also learn to write Haiku or read the creations of many others.

Literature: Haiku Poetry

World Heritage sites in Japan

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Currency Converter

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Denshi Jisho - Online Japanese dictionary
Powerful and easy-to-use online Japanese-English dictionary with words, kanji and example sentences.

Look up Japanese words with interactive suggestions.

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Basic Japanese Language Course - Homepage

Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials
Free Web-Based Japanese Language Study Quizzes, Flashcards and More. ...

Free Japanese Lessons!

Learn Japanese - Learn to Speak the Japanese Language Online Free.
Japanese uses three different writing systems. Hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

Tables for Conjugating Japanese Verbs

Visualizing Japanese Grammar
This page provides links to 66 Flash animations of various grammatical structures in Japanese.

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Useful Japanese Expressions - New to Japan - Language
Some useful words and expressions to help you get by in Japanese.

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Daily News in Japan on videos

Japanese classical music with lots of history. Here you will find information on the music, its history, and instruments. Available in Japanese and English. *

Live Radio and Television from Japan
This page allows you to watch Japanese television and listen to radio broadcasts from Japan in a number of languages.

NHK News

The Japan Times

Tokyo Metropolitan Television
News, sports, schedules, and more. Japanese font required.

TV Japan

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Japanese Search Engine Listing

More search engines for Japan

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Learning Styles & Study Suggestions
This Study Resources Directory has topics on critical thinking skills, learning styles, managing time, motivation, self-discipline, study skills, classroom strategies, and writing.

Study Guides and Strategies
This website has several resources for preparing, learning, studying, classroom participation, tests, and time management

Time Management Assistance
This site helps you develop a schedule, plan ahead, and set priorities.

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Common japanese words and phrases
This site was built specifically to aid English students in the task of learning Japanese. Though it can be easily seen as a difficult language to master, this interactive site allows users to become familiar with several commonly-used words and phrases, along with pronunciation of the Katakana symbols. This is incredibly useful to a beginning student, especially if said student wishes to become a fluent Japanese speaker in the long run.

Genki Vocabulary

Japanese Vocabulary and useful expressions
Basic Japanese vocabulary and useful expressions.

Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes (JavaScript)
Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes By Satoru Shinagawa ... Links to Other On-line Japanese Quizzes. Japanese-English Vocabulary Quizzes ...

Japanese Words
Japanese Words - Basic Japanese Words - Japanese Words for travel - Japanese Words helpful phrases

Japanese Word List - Shorinji Kempo
The tables below list some japanese words and phrases that you'll often hear during Shorinji Kempo practice, as well as words that make up names.

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