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How Tutoring Works

  • ALL students may see us (even if not taking a class here).
  • We tutor Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Mandarin.
  • We ALSO tutor ASL and Linguistics 100 & 300!
  • Not local? We can tutor via Skype or Zoom!
  • We tutor grammar in the above subjects, at all levels.
  • We consult for Spanish essay-writing.
  • This is different than teaching: we work with you.
  • Before asking for guidance, do as much as you can.
  • We do not proofread, edit, translate, nor do work for you.
  • Some instructors offer extra credit or require visits for tutoring and/or independent study. Click here for more info.

How Appointments Work

  • Spanish grammar appointments, as well as all French, German, ASL and Linguistics 100 & 300 appointments, can be booked online - or email if you can't fit into the schedule! (We also offer Spanish Open Study Lab.)
  • Mandarin grammar and Spanish essay-writing appointments can be booked on-demand by emailing the tutor directly!
  • Appointments are 30 minutes.
  • Meet in Kellogg 1107 (basement) during LLC open hours
  • Meet on Kellogg 2nd floor during LLC closed hours.
  • Use Skype or Zoom if you can't come in!
  • You can book appts. 1 week ahead.
  • You can book  1 appt. per day.
  • You can book 2 appts. per week.
  • You will lose your slot if more than 10 min late.
  • You will be blocked if a no-show, until talk to LLC.

How Spanish Open Lab Works

During the times below, come and study with us, and just raise your hand when you need assistance !
Monday 10-1-1
Tuesday 10-1
Wed 9-10:30 & 1:30-2:30 
Thurs 10-1














Spring Hours:

We reopen Jan. 22!

Spanish Open Lab:

During these times, come and study with us, and just raise your hand when you need assistance !

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