Global Business Major Language Exam

Who should take the GBM Major Exam?

  • Students seeking to meet the Global Business Major language requirement ONLY. (Other students should take the Proficiency Exam or Spanish Placement Exam.)
  • Students who do NOT need units, a grade, or the Area C3 met.
  • Students who are proficient in a language other than English. Most languages are accepted. Some common examples are: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Farsi, Tagalog, etc. If you are unsure if your language will be accepted, please inquire at
  • Sign Language (no matter the country) is NOT accepted.
  • Students who have not yet met the LOTER but who pass this exam will also meet the LOTER.

What level of skill is expected, and how does one prepare?

  • The Global Business Major Exam is looking for high proficiency - not fluency - at the standard CSUSM 202 level (fourth semester). A few examples are: pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, accent use and placement, major verb tenses, idiomatic expressions, general grammar rules, common exceptions, and - in languages that have these - accents, tones, and characters.
  • Students should be able to express themselves formally and politely, like they would do in a business environment.
  • Students do NOT need to know specific business terminology or vocabulary.
  • The exam tests in two components: oral and written. You should therefore know how to pronounce and spell words correctly. A foreigner who speaks no English should be able to understand most of your production. If you were put in the middle of a foreign country, surrounded by people who only speak that language, would you comfortably be able to communicate?
  • The College of Business Administration will only accept either this exam or the Berlitz language test. (NO OTHER EXAM IS ACCEPTED!)
  • This Exam may be taken a 2nd time, after 1st results are back. 

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