Useful Tips for Transfer Students

1. CSUSM has a third-semester "intermediate" Language Other Than English Requirement. You can take three semesters of one language during your college years, or you can place directly into a second-semester or third-semester class using your previous knowledge from high school or another college. Here is a helpful grid of what class you might want to take next.

2. If you recently took or are now taking foreign language at your community college, consider taking your third semester before your arrival at CSUSM. This will save you time and money when you come!

3. CSUSM has a "two-year vacation" rule: If it is more than 2 years since your previous language class, and you want to sign up for 102, 201, or 202, you will have to start over. [You may always opt to start at 101. You may also take the next language class in the sequence at other schools that do not have that "vacation" rule, but that can be timely and  costly.]  

4. If you DON'T want to start over with Spanish, but you took it over 2 years ago, consider taking our Spanish Placement Exam.

4. Please see our Courses page for more info. A list of courses that meet the requirement around the San Diego area can be viewed by visiting the Local Coursework Meeting the LOTER page.

5. If you have AP, IB, or TOEFL scores, many meet the LOTER. Send CSUSM an official score after you are here, and your record will be updated!

6. A last great option: Test out once you are at CSUSM, if you are already proficient in another language and do not want to take any more classes. This option does NOT give units, costs $49.50, and can be done at any time after your arrival. We can test almost every language in the world; please contact us to inquire about less commonly-tested languages.