Graduate Program in Mathematics

The Master of Science Program in Mathematics at California State University San Marcos is designed to provide breadth of exposure in mathematics and to enhance the intellectual attitudes and the analytic skills needed for comprehension, appreciation, creation, and application of mathematics. There is a deliberate, applicable emphasis in the courses in the program, and many courses are delivered in a computerized environment. The program will provide students opportunity for computer enhancement of many mathematical concepts, learning connections between various areas of mathematics, developing good mathematical skills, developing independent learning skills, and cooperative group
problem solving.

Graduates will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities,  as the skills and attitudes fostered in the program are in demand in academe, business, government, and industry. In particular, graduates will be well-prepared to teach in secondary schools, community colleges, and some four-year colleges. They will be prepared to enter a doctoral program in mathematics or mathematics education. The computational and applicable orientation of the program will offer graduates significant training for careers as mathematical scientists in business, government, and industry. There will be opportunity, on a limited scale, for students to serve as student assistants for the undergraduate mathematics program or to assist faculty in their scholarly activity.