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Leadership and Service Award

The FEMBA Leadership and Service Award was established in recognition of CoBA's commitment to it's professional program.

Each year, the award is presented to a graduating FEMBA student in recognition of the leadership, mentorship and service contribution to his/her cohort, the FEMBA Program, and/or the community. The nominations for this award are submitted by the FEMBA students and recommended to the Director of the Graduate Programs. 

Congratulations to the 2017 FEMBA Leadership and Service Award recipient Ms. Debbie Jo McCool

Here are a few things classmates say about Debbie Jo McCool:

  • Our peers feel comfortable speaking up to her, and she certainly feels comfortable speaking up in class to express class concerns
  • She leads by example by being ethical and taking her courses seriously by preparing herself fully for each class 
  • Debbie Jo is always willing to help others, even when she had very little time
  • She was our go to person for clarifications on assignments, syllabus questions for the professors, and coordination for classes such as meet the leaders
  • She has displayed exemplary leadership skills during our time together
  • Debbie has gone above and beyond to create a team atmosphere in our cohort
  • She goes the extra mile by doing small but meaningful things like celebrating birthdays, putting together gifts for big life events (weddings/baby showers), and organizing events
  • She makes everyone feel important and a part of the team
  • She always contributes to class discussions and encourages everyone else to try their best