Outstanding Leadership and Service Award

The FEMBA Leadership and Service Award was established in recognition of CoBA's commitment to its professional MBA Program.

Each year, the award is presented to a graduating FEMBA student in recognition of the leadership, mentorship and service contribution to his/her cohort, the FEMBA Program, and/or the community. The nominations for this award are submitted by the FEMBA students and recommended to the Director of the Graduate Programs. 

Keith was strongly recommended by his classmates for his significant contributions to his cohort as well as the FEMBA program. Here is a few things classmates say about Keith's leadership skills:

  • He has consistently volunteered to be a resource and problem solver for the cohort as well as a voice for the students.
  • Keith is a natural leader - he steps up without being asked and he is very approachable, another student quoted.
  • He has consistently demonstrated initiative through his management of various administrative tasks, including but not limited to rolling out student surveys, responding to student requests and complaints, troubleshooting technical issues, coordinating meeting locations, and hosting guest speakers.
  • He shows humility, yet doesn't hesitate to dive in and get a classroom discussion going. He is motivating and yet accepts ideas from others with ease. He offers his knowledge and asks for others to share theirs as well.  

keith gemmell

Congratulations to the 2015 MBA Leadership and Service Award recipient Keith Gemmell.

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