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Leadership and Service Award

The FEMBA Leadership and Service Award was established in recognition of CoBA's commitment to it's professional program.

Each year, the award is presented to a graduating FEMBA student in recognition of the leadership, mentorship and service contribution to his/her cohort, the FEMBA Program, and/or the community. The nominations for this award are submitted by the FEMBA students and recommended to the Director of the Graduate Programs. 

This year's leadership and service award goes to Mr. Mark Schafer and Ms. Nicole Smith, as they both were strongly recommended by their classmates for their significant contributions to their cohort as well as the FEMBA program. Here are the few things classmates say about Mark and Nicole:

Mark Schafer:

  • He doesn't only have an outstanding mind but also takes the time to share with the class his time, knowledge and expertise. 
  • He has always gone out of his way to help any student needing additional help…. Our cohort would not be the same without him.
  • His ability to address students concerns by listening to them, encouraged the team spirit by arranging pot-lucks, arrive early to help the students by acting as subject matter expert and leading the way for success and motivation.
  • He is an outstanding student, good team player and a great leader. 
  • Over the duration of this program, Mark has consistently shown solid leadership skills and has gone out of his way on many occasions to benefit our class.  
  • He is definitely a person to look up to, and has been the rock for this cohort the entire way.  
  • was always helpful and represented the cohort with diplomacy and tact. His due diligence, the way he carried his workload and helpful demeanor; whether it was natural or forced at times (:p), was a step above the rest.   
  • Je is like the glue that keeps the adhesiveness of the cohort to ensure that everyone in the program is in alignment with the objective of the program. 

Nicole Smith:

  • She has demonstrated her leadership roles though her Co-Presidency position of the cohort and by leading several tasks.  
  • She helped to organize the FEMBA mentorship program with Emilie Hersh, which is a great new resource for student. 
  • She took the initiative to organize a Habitat for Humanity outing for the cohort, which was a fantastic idea to give back to the community!
  • She stepped up as the leader of the Health Sciences Senior Project and has done a great job communicating due dates, organizing meetings, and being the liaison between the class and our professors.  
  • Has shown consistent leadership throughout the program and proved that she can do a great job, all while being pregnant and working a full-time job!
  • Has efficiently communicated all communications she receives from faculty and staff to the cohort.
  • Her determination and leadership shines through in everything she does. 
  • Not only is she a veteran and a true leader, but she is also a true friend. If it were not for her, I would not have made it through our second class of the program. 
  • To me, true leadership is someone you can count on in any situation and someone who puts others above themselves. Nicole is that kind of leader. I am proud to be her classmate and I am forever grateful for her friendship.

Congratulations to the 2016 FEMBA Leadership and Service Award recipients Mr. Mark Schafer and Ms. Nicole Smith

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