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Biography of David Grooms

Biography: David Grooms

David Grooms joined Datron in 2010 and is responsible for Operations, Engineering, R&D, and the Advanced Technology Group. Prior to joining Datron, David’s company provided engineering and manufacturing consulting and design services to Datron. David has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, operations and executive management. David’s track record shows an ability to get new product to market successfully and to substantially grow sales and production capabilities. David has worked extensively in the international markets.

David is an experienced CEO with substantial manufacturing background at both large public and small emerging technology companies. He has strong strategic business orientation and ability to communicate concisely to customers, employees, investors and Board. David has significant international experience with emphasis on Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East.

As president of Kyocera he was able to nearly triple revenue and margins in a 6 year window. A CEO of 3 different venture backed enterprises he was able to successfully get the product to market.

David started his career in sales and marketing with successful contracts with Intel, IBM, AMD, Qualcomm and others. Subsequent to that he had 15 plus years in executive management leading all aspects of operations.

David has a bachelor’s degree in History from Bowling Green State University.