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FEMBA Projects

Project Title: San Diego Airport Exploratory Study

Southern California International Airport: Panel Discussion

Advisor: Dr. Beverlee Anderson, Dr. Glen Brodowsky and Don Sciglimpaglia

Sponsor: Qualcomm

Description:  Over the past four years students in the FEMBA program at CSUSM have completed four phases of a study concerning a new international airport in San Diego County. The first study concluded that the ideal location for the new airport would be just south of Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. The second study investigated the impact of a new international airport on the Tri-County Region defined as North San Diego, Southwest Riverside, and Southern Oranges Counties. The next study consist of funding models for a major airport construction project,  attracting major airlines to region and finding the potential impact of attracting international travel to and from the region on various sections of the regional economy. The final phase of the study identified stakeholders by facilitating a discussion, based on facts about the need and feasibility of building an international airport in the Tri-County Region.


Phase 1: San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 1.0
Demand Projection: Allen Farberov, Matt Hyatt, Marco Rangel, Matt Rendina
Economic Implications: Josh Bond, Tolga Demircay, Armando Garcia, Brian Priebe
Traffic & Transportation: Mazen Aboufakhr, Brianne Dailey, Dani James, Bhumika Talsania
Political Implications: Brett Campfield, Yina Li, Greg Uke
Demographic Changes: Casey Davidson, Brad Smith, Brian Walton
Phase 2: San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 2.0
Phase 3: San Diego Airport Exploratory Study 2.1
Phase 4: Southern California International Airport: Panel Discussion

Health Science San Diego 1.0

Advisor: Bruce Nichols

Description: Four student teams focused their research on San Diego's rapidly developing bio-medical industries, specifically;

  1. Healthcare
  2. Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, and Biotechnology
  3. Biomedical and Biomedical Devices
  4. Education, Research, and Development

The objective: To understand how these industries are related and how they can help each other to position San Diego as the #1 health sciences cluster in the the United States.


Health Science San Diego 1.0 Report