Why should you learn Japanese?

  • To enjoy the fascinating cultural heritage of Japan
    By learning Japanese, you can truly enjoy Japanese arts, literature, traditional crafts, architecture, gardens, etc.
  • To communicate with Japanese people
    Nearly 130,000,000 people speak Japanese.  With the rapid development of transportation and information technologies, you wll have many opportunities to communicate with someone who speaks Japanese.  Mastering the language is a sure way to open up a new friendship.
  • To travel to Japan
    You may be able to survive in Japan without speaking a word of Japanese, but if you know Japanese, you would enjoy your visit much more.
  • To stimulater your brain
    To learn a language that has different grammatical structures, vocabulary, and writing systemn is certainly a challenge for your brain.  Through this, you will gain a new perspective into your perception and your thinking process.
  • For future employment
    The U.S. and Japan have a close business and political relationship.  Japan is the third-larfgest market for U.S. merchandise.  Close to 30% of Japan's exports is to the U.S.  As of 1996, more than 776,400 people were working at Japanese-affiliates in the U.S.
  • Planning to go into business
    If you are planning to go into the business, learning Japanese will be a great asset.  There are many Japanese companies in California, especially in San Diego.  Knowing their language and understanding their way of thinking will make it much easier for you to have successful relationships in this business environment. 



For more information on the Japanese Program at CSU San Marcos, contact:

Oneita Billings
Markstein Hall, room 228
(760) 750-4208