Have Your Voice Echo Through History

The CSUSM History Department invites all alumni to participate in a graduate student project that commemorates the history of Cal State San Marcos.  A vital objective of the project is to provide a thorough historical representation of the Cal State San Marcos experience from the student’s perspective. Your experience as a former Cal State San Marcos student is an important part of the campus history, and we are giving all alum the opportunity to have their voices heard. 

Do not let the history of your generation go unrepresented.  Participate in our project and give your class a voice.  No anecdote is too big or too small to be included.

You can make our history complete by doing the following:

Send us via e-mail a picture of yourself, the University grounds or anything exciting that occurred during your time of attendance. Please include your name approximate date the picture was taken and a brief description of the picture
provide a brief written statement of your experience as a Cal State San Marcos student
come and tell us all about your experience in person.  We will be more than happy to arrange a suitable date and time for an interview.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Herrera at history@csusm.edu