CalPERS Annual Member Statement

In November 2012 the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) began mailing CalPERS members their annual statement to their home address. Members who have opted to “go green” or who have an invalid mailing address will not receive a printed statement. All members, including those who have opted to “go green,” may view and print their annual member statement online via my|CalPERS at The annual members’ statement includes the members’ total amount of CalPERS service credit, the breakdown of contributions and interest, their employer(s), and retirement benefit formula(s) as of June 30, 2012.

Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HREO) has received a few inquiries from members regarding erroneous CalPERS service credit reported on the recent CalPERS Annual Member statements for fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. CalPERS has confirmed that some CSU members have been impacted. Most of the service credit discrepancies relate to members with multiple jobs, and CalPERS indicated that they have been working with the State Controller’s Office (SCO) on resolving the errors.  In an effort to mitigate the situation, CalPERS created an “Escalation List” of members who are at least age 50 or older.  As a priority, CalPERS is in the process of updating the service credit errors for these individuals, in order to reduce the potential negative impact related to retirement calculations or meeting minimum retirement qualifications. Error corrections will be completed for the remaining members under age 50 once the errors on the “Escalation List” have been addressed.

It is important that members verify that the information on their CalPERS annual member statement is accurate. Should there be a discrepancy in your annual statement, please forward the details to so that an HREO representative can provide the appropriate assistance.

For questions, please contact Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HREO) at (760) 750-4418.