Beware: Fake "Microsoft Tech Support" Calls To Your Campus Phone

If you receive a call from someone saying they are from Microsoft and they are calling to tell you your computer has malware, spam, viruses, or other errors, don’t believe them!  This is just the latest scam being attempted on consumers.  Simply hang up. 
If you don’t hang up, the caller will try to convince you that they are “really” from Microsoft and may tell you they can “see” your computer.  They’ll try to convince you of this by telling you what programs they “see” on your computer (which, of course, are programs most people have on their systems).  For non-savvy computer users, the caller then asks that they go to a website – and from there the caller starts installing dangerous malware onto your computer.  Do NOT go to the site or give the caller your username, password, or credit card number.   Simply hang up.

If you have any questions, contact the Faculty/Staff Helpdesk at ext. 4790, or email