Fundraising Event Approval Form and Procedures

To All Employees:

The CSU requires that fundraising solicitation meet federal, state and local laws, fundraising solicitation materials are accurate and truthful, and fundraising costs are reasonable.  In compliance with CSU Policy No. 15701.00 “Fundraising Events,” each CSU campus is required to have written procedures for campus approval of fundraising events, in support of the CSU policy (  This policy requires that fundraising events with gross receipts greater than $5,000 have prior approval form a designated campus authority.  Activities requiring approval include Gaming Activities (bingo, casino and similar “controlled games,” and raffles) and Sales Activities such as auctions.  The CSU policy does not apply to faculty associations, student clubs, fraternities, or sororities raising funds for their own benefit.

A Fundraising Event Approval Form must be completed prior to any solicitation of funds, contractual commitments, sponsorship, literature distribution, spending or other fundraising activities.  Please visit the following website:

Please contact University Advancement at (760)750-4400 if you have any questions. Thank you.