Intellectual Property Seminar Series

Intellectual Property Seminar Series 

CSUSM is sponsoring a free Intellectual Property seminar series for faculty, staff and students.

Intellectual property is becoming a big issue at Universities, and if you work at or attend the University – you should know how to identify Intellectual Property, how to document it and how you fit into this process.  The free lecture series will provide an overview of Intellectual Property, a broad look at IP and Universities, and will drill down on both patents and copyrights. The series will finish up with the law of entrepreneurship by reviewing collaboration and commercialization issues, employment and contractor agreements and what you need to know if you are a graduate getting a new job or a member of the faculty who wants to collaborate with a community partner or local business. Resources and written materials will also be provided for attendees.

Leading the sessions is Dr. Sandra Thompson a member of the College of Science and Mathematics Advisory Board. Dr. Thompson is also working with College of Science and Mathematics and the CSUSM Intellectual Property Rights Committee to help faculty in the important area of Intellectual Property Rights. She represents clients in the fields of green technology, semiconductors, electronics, chemicals and chemical intermediates, solar and solar-related technology, transportation technology, including the design and utility of parts and systems, fuel cells, hybrid and electric engine technologies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, computer software, children's products and telecommunications. Dr. Thompson earned her J.D. at Campbell University and her B.S. (Chemistry, 1990) and M.A. (Chemistry, 1991) at the College of William & Mary. She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at North Carolina State University. As a doctoral candidate, Dr. Thompson worked at both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Research Triangle Institute in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
All lectures will be held in SBSB 4117 from 12 to 1 p.m.

A Detailed Approach to the Patent Process:  April 25

We have learned the basics and now it is time to drill down on the specifics of patent law, what patents include (and don’t include), how they are processed through patent offices throughout the world and how long it takes to get one. This presentation will also provide information about how to protect your invention or idea before that patent application is filed.

The Law of Entrepreneurship:  May 8
So you want to start your own business? Do you want to have employees? Independent contractors? Is your business going to be based on an intellectual property portfolio or a license tied to intellectual property of others? This presentation will present the issues that most entrepreneurs run in to starting
and running their new venture, along with practical approaches on how to handle these issues.