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Mandatory Training for ALL Students, Not Anymore: Sexual Violence

Date:           January 25, 2016

To:              All CSUSM Students

From:           Dr. Bridget Blanshan
                   Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Equity
                   Title IX Coordinator

Subject:       Mandatory Training for ALL Students, Not Anymore: Sexual Violence

If you completed Not Anymore: Sexual Violence training during fall 2015 you ARE NOT required retake the training this spring.  

California State University San Marcos is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. As part of our sexual violence prevention programming and in compliance with Executive Order 1095, we are excited to be offering a comprehensive online training program to all CSUSM students, entitled Not Anymore: Sexual Violence. Topics covered within the training include: Affirmative Consent, Sexual Assault, Rape Culture, Bystander Intervention, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Dating and Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Reporting Options, Campus and Community Resources and more!

During the fall 2015 semester, we successfully rolled out the Not Anymore training to all of our incoming students. Beginning spring 2016 the requirement will be extended to ALL ongoing students. Again, if you completed the training in the fall, you ARE NOT required to retake the training this spring.  

Today you will be notified of your requirement to complete the online training.

Required training must be completed by March 1, 2016. If you do not complete the training by this date, a registration hold will be placed on your account.  

For log in instructions and further details, please see the following webpage: 

As we move forward in our sexual violence education for students at CSUSM, please note that students will be required to complete annual online refresher trainings each fall that will focus on continued education and development in the area of sexual violence prevention.  

The content of this online training contains sensitive material involving sexual violence prevention. If you feel that this training will be traumatic for you to complete due to current or past experiences with this issue, please contact CSUSM’s Sexual Violence Advocate and Educator Christa Wencl at or (760)750-4910 for confidential support and to discuss alternatives.

For more information regarding Title IX, Reporting Options, and University Policies and Procedures, please see the following website:

Thank you for completing this important and required training as we encourage you to be an active participant in eliminating sexual violence at CSUSM.

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