Attend Social Justice Summit 2012 (Fall)

Apply today! The Social Justice Summit (SJS) is a three-day/two-night retreat that is free for CSUSM students. This year, the summit will be held October 19-21, 2012 and space is limited. SJS trains students in a social justice framework for campus leadership, community engagement, and change activism.

Participants will explore and challenge personal perceptions & social norms through experiential activities, individual reflections, and group dialogues.

Through the experience and learning of SJS, students will:

•    Become aware of cycles of socialization and oppression.
•    Increase their awareness of personal identity within the context of multiple types of cultures.
•    Recognize their personal connection with systems of power and privilege.
•    Gain knowledge of the distinct difference between equality and equity.
•    Form relationships and support networks with other individuals committed to social justice.
•    Develop skills to become socially conscious leaders and community members.

For more information or to register online, please visit  Deadline to apply is Monday, Oct. 8.