Student Health 101- Enter To Win $1,000

CSUSM Students,

October’s Student Health 101 is now available!

So why should read Student Health 101, the CSUSM online health and wellness magazine at  First, you can enter to win $1,000 for checking out the October issue.  Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101:

Train Your Brain
Explore the link between exercise and academics - and how you can achieve better grades this year

Sucrose, Glucose, or Fructose?
Eat Right NOW: Answers to your most common nutrition questions

The Drinking Myth
True or false? Seventy-five percent of students don't get drunk. You'll be shocked to find out what's true and false about students and alcohol

Still Fetching Coffee?
Jump-start your career with a meaningful internship now - find out how in "Earning Extra Credit."

UCookbook: Vegetarian Dishes Everyone Will Love

FitnessU: Building Stamina and Lung Capacity

And much more…

And if you missed it – be sure to check out September's issue, with Eating Well on Campus, Budgeting for the Year Ahead, Room to Study and more, at .

Check out October's Student Health 101 today at – and enter to win $1,000!

Thanks for your time,

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CSU San Marcos
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