New Student Employee Sign-In

All new student employees are required to report to Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Craven Hall Room 1200, no later than their first date of employment.

In order to complete the sign-in process, the following documents are REQUIRED:

1.    A form which identifies the type of student employment they hold:
2.    Social Security Card

3.    Forms required to complete the Form I-9. These forms verify an employee’s identity and ability to work in the United States.   Acceptable forms of identification include one document from List A OR two documents – one from List B and one from List C:

One Document which Establishes both Identity & Employment Eligibility (List A)
US Passport (expired or unexpired)
Alien Registration Receipt Card with photograph
Unexpired Employment Authorization Document issued by the INS which contains a photograph  

Document that Establishes Identity  (List B)   
Driver’s License
School ID
US Military ID
Native American tribal document

Document that Establishes Employment Eligibility  (List C)
Social Security Card
Original or certified copy of birth certificate
Native American tribal document
Please note that students must complete the sign-in process within 72 hours of beginning employment. They cannot be paid unless the University has the appropriate documents verifying both Identity and Employment Eligibility.

For questions about the sign-in process for student employees, please contact James Covey at ext. 4418.