Workers' Compensation Information

Have you or your employee been injured at work? Wondering what to do? For answers, contact Risk Management & Safety at (760) 750-4502 or visit our website at

In all cases, it is vital that you report your injury immediately to University Police (ext. 4567 or 911 from a campus phone) and your manager (MPP) to facilitate medical treatment and emergency transport.

Risk Management & Safety will:

•    Authorize and coordinate your initial medical treatment through our occupational medical provider.
•    Provide you with the necessary claim forms to report your work-related injury or illness.
•    Coordinate your workers’ compensation claim through Sedgwick CMS, the University’s third party administrator.

For more information regarding a work-related injury or illness, please contact Janice Ramos, Workers’ Compensation & Risk Analyst, at (760) 750-4502 or email