CSUSM Offers Two New Minors for Undergraduates


Media Contact: Margaret Lutz | mlutz@csusm.edu

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) expands its academic offerings adding two new minor degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences: Border Studies and Geography. Building upon existing courses and curriculum in the Department of Liberal Studies at the university, the new minors were approved by the CSUSM Academic Senate at the end of the spring semester and recently became available to students at the beginning of the fall academic term.

About Border Studies
CSUSM's Border Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to explore communities and territories which emerge in border regions worldwide and examine the human interactions that shape and are shaped by borders that divide people and places. The related courses and curriculum provide students with an understanding of how border communities are formed and sustained, and explores the interrelationships of diverse groups across the cultural, geopolitical, linguistic and social frontiers that exist in communities.

The purpose of Border Studies is to complement the knowledge and skills that students master in their chosen major, be it Liberal Studies, Business, or any other major involving border regions, by elucidating the complexities of the border communities where students will be practicing their majors. A minor in Border Studies contributes to better understanding the intricacies of border regions and human communities and prepares students for working with the interrelationships between cultural, geopolitical, linguistic, and social frontiers in their own communities and beyond, in any given career.

About Geography
CSUSM's minor in Geography provides students with a suite of courses that use geographic knowledge and understanding to explore issues and themes related to social justice and the environment, globalization and global change, border development, climate change impacts and adaptation, water governance, and economic development.

Over the past several years, many researchers and research programs in the social sciences have begun to incorporate spatial thinking in their analysis of complex socio-spatial processes and activities. For example, the catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti is now analyzed as not just a physical disaster, but a combined human-environmental disaster bred out of colonialism, poverty, natural hazards, and poor planning. The complexity of analysis increasingly reflects geographic thinking which involves global knowledge and understanding that links disparate fields of knowledge in the social and physical sciences.

A minor in Geography at CSUSM will equip students with analytical tools, research opportunities, global understanding and broad preparation for further graduate study, and for careers in business, education, environmental management, international and community development, and government.

For more information about Border Studies or Geography, contact the CSUSM Department of Liberal Studies at (760) 750-4104 or visit www.csusm.edu/liberalstudies/index.html.

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