CSUSM to Establish New Global Studies Degree


Media Contact: Margaret Lutz | mlutz@csusm.edu

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is establishing a new undergraduate program to prepare students to live productively and to work in an increasingly integrated global community.

The interdisciplinary Global Studies degree program will teach students how to understand the world as an integrated whole and relate knowledge of the language, culture, history, society, and politics of a particular region to the larger trends and issues that affect all peoples worldwide.

"Even our local community is linked to the global community," said Dr. Patty Seleski, program director for the Global Studies Program. "In the 21st century, nations share problems relating to security, health, climate and the economy, among many other issues, but more importantly, nations increasingly share the solutions to these problems. Students who major in Global Studies will be ideally positioned to contribute both to their local communities and to the larger international community."

The new program builds on CSUSM's existing Global Studies Minor. Students will be able to choose from an approved list of courses from economics, history, liberal studies, literature and writing studies, philosophy, political science, visual and performing arts, world languages and literatures, and women studies.

The Global Studies degree will be useful to students pursuing careers in education, international business, international development, international organizations (e.g., United Nations), law, non-governmental organizations focusing on international affairs (e.g., Amnesty International and "think tanks" such as the Heritage Foundation), public service, and graduate study in related fields.

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