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  • Frontiers in Science
    As part of a joint program with Cal State San Marcos and the University of California San Diego, nearly two dozen undergraduates spent their summer working in research laboratories conducting scientific studies that could have long-term significance in areas such as improving treatment options for osteoporosis patients to avoiding turbulence experienced during airplane flights.
  • An Eye for Science & Technology
    Working to increase seventh and eighth grade student readiness and interest in science and technology, Professor of Education Katherine Hayden and Professor of Computer Science Youwen Ouyang are starting at the front of the class with middle school science teachers through a collaborative project called iQUEST.
  • Zipping the Competition in the Bud
    Every few minutes someone on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook is complaining about the frustrations of tangled headphones. The knotted, mangled mess became the inspiration for alumnus Erik Groset’s latest invention.
  • Leave Your Mark: The Story of Helen Adams
    “Leave Your Mark” is a theme incorporated into freshman orientation at Cal State San Marcos. Students learn the many different ways they can leave their marks on CSUSM — through leadership, organizational involvement and community service. For Helen Adams the ability to leave her mark was what attracted her to the fledgling CSUSM Foundation Board.
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