CSUSM’s National Latino Research Center Announces Latino Conversation Series

The National Latino Research Center has released its schedule for the Latino Conversation Series that aims to raise awareness about current issues confronting local, regional and national Latino populations. All events are open to the public. Admission is free unless otherwise noted. For additional information, please contact the NLRC at 760-750-3500 or nlrc@csusm.edu.

Schedule is as follows:

September 25
The Criminalization of Immigrants: Detention Centers and the Prison-Industrial Complex
6 p.m., Markstein Hall, Room125, CSUSM
Dr. Rogelio Saenz will discuss policy changes leading to the criminalization of immigrants, and major trends in the growth and privatization of detention centers and the establishment of the prison-industrial complex involving immigrants. The discussion draws on the work of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine.

September 28
13th Annual Oaxacan Cultural Festival: Guelaguetza 2008
Noon-4 p.m., CSUSM campus
The Coalition of Indigenous Oaxacan Communities (COCIO) and Oaxacan Student Organization (OSO) present San Diego’s original and largest Guelaguetza, celebrating the traditions and contributions of the local Oaxacan community in North San Diego County. Cost: $5 for general public and FREE for children under 10 years of age. For more information, visit: www.cocio.org.

October 16
On the Corner: Immigrant Day Laborers in the United States
6 p.m., Markstein Hall, Room 125, CSUSM
Dr. Abel Valenzuela, Jr. will discuss the national trend of growth of day-labor hiring sites and the rising levels of worker’s rights violations that warrants attention from policymakers at all levels of government.

October 23
Border Activism, Human Rights, and Immigration
6:30 p.m., Clarke Field House, CSUSM
Community leader and immigrant rights advocate, Enrique Morones, speaks about his advocacy work through Border Angels. Founded in 1986, Border Angels is a non-profit organization to stop unnecessary deaths of individuals traveling through the United States and Mexican border. For more information, visit: www.borderangels.org.

October 30
Civil Rights Today: Comparative Perspectives from Africa, Latin America and U.S.
6:30 p.m., Clarke Field House, CSUSM
Dr. August Nimtz’s comparative perspective3 between Africa and Latin America will provide insightful understanding about the complexities of living on the border with Latin America. His expertise on African politics, comparative politics with Latin America, ethnic politics, political development and political economy brings an important perspective to north San Diego County.

November 6
The Mexican Question: Rights and Dispensation in the Past and the Present
Noon-1 p.m., Academic Hall 102, CSUSM
Michelle Holling will discuss the ways the political treatise, The Mexican Question in the Southwest, published in 1939 and co-authored by Emma Tenayuca and Homer Brooks predating other Chicano plans and honoring a Mestiza’s contributions, advances the “rhetoric of dispensation” that extends our understandings of Mexican (American) people, historically and contemporarily.

November 18
Immigration and Community Activism
Call for time and place.
This presentation will discuss community response to the persistent anti-immigrant sentiment in North County San Diego. Panelist will describe their involvement to support Latino communities through their grassroots organizing narratives. This presentation intends to encourage and motivate participants to become aware and become activists within their respective communities.

For additional information, please contact the NLRC at 760-750-3500 or nlrc@csusm.edu.