A great university begins with great faculty, with professors who are dedicated to scholarly excellence and devoted to the success of their students. Dr. Stoddard Holmes is a shining example of that.

She’s a gifted researcher, a theorist, a detailed thinker and, in the words of her colleagues, “a natural teacher.” Her classes are infused with humor, and her engaging personality encourages interaction among the students and with her. As many of her students have said, “Dr. Stoddard Holmes makes me want to go to class, and I am always disappointed when they end.”

She has helped students with their theses while on the road in the middle of a snowstorm. She’s served twice as the graduate coordinator and as department chair. She helped write the most recent WASC report, and has recently stepped in as Project Director for CSUSM’s McNair Scholars Program grant proposal to help low income and first generation students pursue undergraduate research and post baccalaureate work.

Even with all of these responsibilities, Dr. Stoddard Holmes still teaches core courses across the Literature and Writing curriculum and collaborates with faculty in kinesiology, nursing and the sciences for courses like Literature and Health. She also remains one of the foremost scholars on the representations of disability in Victorian Britain. Her seminal work Fictions of Afflictions continues to be a resource for teachers across the country looking to explore Victorian literature.

Few professors are able to combine such varied disciplines as Victorian studies, disability studies, and medical humanities, let alone publish on all three topics. Dr. Stoddard Holmes’s publishing success, her commitment to her students, and her participation in the Cal State faculty mentoring program inspires and motivates fellow faculty and has engendered her to many across campus.

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In what has become a campus tradition to kick off the start of spring semester, President Karen Haynes honored eight faculty and staff for their exceptional service and achievements at the President's Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards Reception on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013.