Purpose in Luiseño

The Native Studies minor prepares students who expect to work with native communities to understand those communities in a broad cultural, historical, and environmental context.

Pilá'chish kapákpamal 'atáaxum pom-míx pokwáanup
study short Indians their-culture about:it:present:tense

pilá'chivuktumi hayámmima 'owó"axkutumi
students prepares who will work

'atáaxum pomqálqala:
Indians their:living:place:at

pilá'chivuktum póomik húu'unaxma 'atáaxum pom-míx,
students to:them is:taught Indians their-culture

pom'áa'alvi, pí' 'eéxla pomóomi púnniqat.
their:hitory and land them surrounding

Luiseño Translation courtesy of the
Pechanga Cultural Resources Program