NATV 350/SOC 350

This course surveys the historical and contemporary imagining of American Indian people. This course will examine the images and perceptions of American Indians in the mass media. The media has provided stereotyping of American Indians in Hollywood film, television, literature, marketing, advertising, academia, sports & recreations, science and journalism. The media has created a symbolic view that has predominated American pop culture. A lack of cultural understanding of American Indian people has perpetuated an unrealistic portrayal of American Indians. Only by reviewing the reality of history, rather than the myth, can individual students have a correct view of Native American societies and people. This course is designed to provide students with a critical analysis and deeper understanding of American Indian cultures at the intersection of the Mass Media. This course will examine American Indians in the new media from the very first instances in America through contemporary news media and critically examine the efforts of the media on American Indian identity, politics, sovereignty, ethnic identity, environment, economic development, health disparities, human rights, spirituality, religious freedom, language and art and the very existence of Indian Country in the 21st century. In addition this course will examine American Indian cultures as a part of the American entertainment cinema, television and as mascots for team sports.