NATV 400/SOC 400

This course will examine American Indian/Alaskan Native (AIAN) health and wellness from a contemporary public and community health/epidemiologic perspective. Current AIAN health status, health behaviors related to physical, behavioral, emotional, and sexual health, maintenance of a healthy environment, and theories of health behavior change will be studied. Tribal sovereignty and connectedness related to personal/community health and health care access will be evident throughout all aspects of the course. Epidemiologic methods and measures used in current public and community health status assessment, prevention and intervention programs will provide course framework and structure. Various AIAN health care delivery systems including Indian Health Service and tribal compacting/contracting of care will be explored. Ethical standards for tribally appropriate health related research and associated issues will be discussed. The course will profile contemporary careers in public health, medicine, nursing, health care, health care access and health policy for tribal community members. Local AIAN leaders prominent in these fields will be invited guest lecturers to present information regarding health career qualifications, experiences and opportunities. Field trips to two Southern California tribally owned/operated full-service community health clinics will provide contemporary tribal context.