Proposed New Minor Requirements

Completion of the minor requires twenty-one units of credit, fifteen of which must be upper-division courses, and twelve of which must be completed at CSUSM.  Courses must be completed with a grade of C or better to count toward the minor.

One course must be an internship AIS 498, approved by the American Indian studies Coordinator, which brings the student into direct contact with the American Indian community. AIS 380 may also be used as an elective. With consent of the AIS program coordinator; as many as six units of independent Study (AIS 390) may be counted toward the minor.

  1. 21 Units Total
  2. 15 must be upper division AIS courses
  3. 12 units must be completed at CSUSM
  4. 1 course must be internship AIS 498 or relevant discipline equivalent
  5. 1 American Indian Studies Elective

American Indian Studies Minor

I.  Core Coursework (15 units). Select (5) courses from:

  • AIS 101 – Introduction to American Indian Studies       
  • AIS 348/SOC 348 – American Indian Communities
  • AIS 350/SOC 350 – Imagining Indians: American  Indians, Media, Film and Society
  • AIS 370/SOC 370 – American Indian Women and Activism
  • AIS 390 – Independent Study in American Indian Themes
  • AIS 400/SOC 400 – Contemporary American Indian Health and Wellness
  • AIS 468/SOC 468/PSCI 418 – American Indian Political and Economic Development

II.  American Indian Studies Electives (3 units). Select (1) course from:

  • AIS 345/LTWR  345 – American Indian Literature
  • AIS 380 – Topics in American Indian studies
  • AIS 390 – Independent Study in American Indian Themes
  • AIS 480/ANTH 480 – Local Archeological Practice
  • AIS 481/ANTH 481 – American Indian Archeological Monitoring

III.  Internship (3 units)

  • AIS 498 Internship in an American Indian Community

Total Units: 21