For petitioning for re-entry/entry into NURS courses or joining a new Cohort.

Form Instructions:

  1. This policy applies to the following students:
    • Students who have received an unsatisfactory grade in a nursing course; unsatisfactory grades include all grades of C minus or below (71% or below), or "withdrawl" with unsatisfactory grades.
    • Students who have withdrawn from the course with a passing grade and are attempting to re-enter.
    • Students who are on a University approved or unapproved leave of absence.
    • Nurses prepared in a country outside the U.S. who have received a letter from the California Board of Registered Nursing, indicating that Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing theory and clincal courses need to be completed. (Please note: this is the only course we offer for this category).

2.  Deadline for submission of all space available petitions for all undergraduate programs is the first day of the previous semester (Example: first day of previous Fall semester if petitioning for reentry for the following Spring Semester).

3. The Student Advising Coordinators for School or Nursing/Extended Learning will pass on copies of any Space Available petitions received to the Undergraduate or Graduate Chair of the SON (whichever is appropriate level) and to the Chair of the SON Curriculum Committee. The Space Available subcommittee will meet and assign students to any available space(s) based on the following order of priorities:  

  • Students on an approved Univesity leave of absence.
  • Students who have received an approved University withdrawal petition and successfully passed prior term nursing courses with grades of C or better.
  • Students who waited out a semester due to lack of space in a course and had received prior approval for their space available petition.
  • Students who have applied to return to a specific course due to a non-passing grade in the course.

4. In addition to the above priorities, the Committee will take into account the student's previous course performance, the reason for their request and the content of their Space Available petition.

5. All students who are entering space available will be required to take a 2-unit refresher clinical course for a minimum of 90 hours.

6. Course Coordinators will be informed by Undergraduate Coordinator, should students be granted approval of a Space Available petition of the theory course and placement in a refresher clinical course.

7. Once a decision is reached, the appropriate SON/Extended Learning Advising Coordinator will contact those students regarding the status of their space available petition. Petitioners will not be able to register in any nursing courses until notified of the Committee's decision.

8. **IMPORTANT**:  Students must have current CPR, malpractice insurance and updated background check on file with the SON, including immunizations, to be readmitted and attend clinical.