University Language Other Than English Requirement -- also referred to as the LOTER requirement

Prior to being able to graduate with a Bachelor's degree at CSU San Marcos, students must have met the University's Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER).  This requirement does not apply to Accelerated BSN students. There are many ways to meet this requirement.  Please visit the LOTER Web site for a thorough discussion of the ways in which this requirement can be met.

While the LOTER is not a requirement for admission to the Traditional BSN program, we do award optional admission points if the LOTER has been met by the end of the previous spring term, for a fall admit to the program.

Therefore, it is to your advantage to fulfill the LOTER requirement during your first two years at the University for Pre-Health Science students.  We award 10 admission points to the Nursing program, if the LOTER is met in Spanish, and we award 5 points if the LOTER is met with in any other language, including American Sign Language.  You can complete the LOTER requirement in any language other than English, however, most students admitted to the Traditional BSN Program, completed the LOTER in Spanish prior to entry and earned those 10 admission points to the nursing program.

If you plan to take college coursework to complete this University graduation requirement, to earn the optional admission points for entry to our Generic/Basic BSN program, you will want to plan out your semesters of study accordingly.  If you need to begin with the first of three college courses, you will want to complete your first course by no later than the spring or summer term of your first year at CSU San Marcos.  This will then give you the fall and spring term of your sophomore year to complete the remaining courses to meet the LOTER requirement.

The LOTER Web site provides a list of courses at other schools, including local community colleges, which meet the requirement.  If you do plan to take language other than English coursework at other schools, and if you are receiving any type of financial aid (grants, loans, or scholarships through CSUSM) first check with the Financial Aid counter at Cougar Central to find out the minimum number of units in which you must be enrolled each fall and spring term at CSUSM, in order to qualify for financial aid.