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Science Course Request

For Students Wanting to Request a Seat in BIOL 160 and/or BIOL 176 in the Spring semester.
We do not have any seats reserved in CHEM 105/105L in spring; all seats are reserved for KINE students. 

Please complete the online request form if you would like to be considered for a seat in either BIOL 160 (Microbiology) or BIOL 176 (Anatomy and Physiology II). Enrollment in BIOL 176 requires successful completion of BIOL 175 or BIOL 177 with a C or better.

We will not know our seat availability in either of these courses until approximately mid-January, after all Fall grades have posted in PeopleSoft.  We will contact you before the start of the Spring semester, as to whether we've been able to accommodate your request for a seat. 

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